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Angela Morgan

Aptar Group, Atlanta, USA

A patented three-phase polymer platform technology offering controlled release of substances into a package to increase food safety

Aptar has taken an active packaging patented technology that has been used in the pharma industry for 25+ years and is applying it to the food industry. The active package is a three-phase polymer platform technology that can control the dosage of a substance into the headspace of a sealed package. One benefit of this system is the controlled release of actives to increase food safety of fresh or ready-to-eat products. The researchers have fine-tuned the dosage and release rate of an active to reduce pathogens but minimize any organoleptic damage to the food product in the tray. In third party verified research, this technology provides a 1-3 log reduction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses and did not have a significant impact on organoleptics.



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